Sunday, July 29, 2007

What I'm Eating - Truffle Oil

Here's my latest indulgence... truffle oil. I was reading an article and it just sounded so good so I went out and bought some... Went to R. Fields in Kailua and picked this up.

Of course, I researched it first... I found an entry on the Wikipedia and read other articles & recipes on the internet. Seems there's this controversy where a lot of truffle oils are actually artificially created using molecules that make up that great flavor of truffles. Here's a good article from the NY Times. Makes you kind of wary. Anyway, this is supposed to be a good brand. I've been using it all week as we had grilled a huge amount of steak and vegetables earlier and ate leftovers for a couple of was great on those. The taste is very earthy and the aroma is very very strong(my wife & daughter said that it was stinky, lol) me, it's kind of like mushrooms on steroids...but don't get me the right amount, it really enhances the dish. You can't overdo, just a little drizzle is enough. Next, I'm looking for truffle's supposed to be awesome on popcorn (drool) :)

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