Monday, July 23, 2007

Green Tea Sweets...Success or Failure?

With all of the hype that was building up for the release of the last Harry Potter book, I was seeing all of these signs in front of Borders saying, "Snapes...Friend or Foe?" Hmmm...sometimes situations can be very confusing where you don't know what the outcome is. Which brings me to my latest baking attempt... I saw this recipe for Green Tea Sweets off of the lovescool site. It sounded pretty good, looked good too and it had won an award! how hard could it be?...after all, it's just sugar cookies... So I whipped it together and baked them. Didn't have a decorative leaf cookie cutter so I used a different shape. There were some problems as we use a small convection oven for baking stuff like this and sometimes, the temperature adjustment is tricky. In the end, it looked different. I think I didn't put enough matcha inside. I had matcha that comes packaged in individual servings and had to open a lot of envelopes and I "guesstimated" the amount (I do that that a guy thing?...all of the chefs do it) ...the color is much lighter than it should be. How did it taste? OK, I guess. Not much of the matcha taste...wish it were much stronger. And, I'm not much for sugar cookies. Sometimes when you buy them they're so soft inside you don't know if it was baked OK. These were kind of in-between...not really soft but not really hard. The outsides were much harder and kind of crusty, especially with the sugar on it. So...was it a success or failure? To tell you the truth...I don't really know... I'm planning on redeeming myself...probably will try whipping up something soon! :)


Dr.Gray said...

I love green tea in sweets. Even in the picture the color seems faint you should probably get some matcha made for baking like this - baking matcha. Also yes I would suggest on not holding back on the amount. When you mix your dough, the end cookies or whatever your making will be just a little lighter than the dough itself. I put some in my home made bread its pretty cool green bread.

Unknown said...

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