Monday, July 9, 2007

Hello World!

"Hello world". Hmmm... Sounds like one of those sample programs you create when you first start to learn programming. Anyway, this is my first post and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm kind of a noob at this. I've lurked at food blogs for a long time, even left comments but never had the time or courage to start my own. These days, it seems that everyone likes to share their food experiences so I guess I might as well join the crowd.

Who am I? In my past days, when I was single (a long time ago), I used to be very active with my friends chasing down hole in the wall restaurants, experiencing all kinds of food events and what not...I mean, we used to look forward to eating and experiencing food and all things related to food. My friends and I even thought of writing it all down as it would have made a good book :) But then, I got married and eventually had kids. And middle age set in. My eating days changed drastically. I hardly see my friends these days. Now, my eating partner is my wife and the kids but time/scheduling, pricing and what the kids feel like eating becomes a priority when choosing a location to eat. But surprisingly, sometimes you compromise and eating becomes an adventure. Of course, nutrition becomes important too...most times... In my family, eating out usually occurs on the weekends but there are frequent exceptions and of course, there's always stuff to share...

Now, I'm trying to remember to bring my camera when I go out and when I do, I'm trying to get over the embarrassment of whipping out my camera and taking a pic of the food while trying to ignore the inquisitive looks (Mommy, why is that man taking a picture of his food?). Hopefully, my pics will get more frequent...and better quality too.

Anyway, hope this works out and hope you enjoy visiting! Come back often!


Reid said...

WELCOME to Hawaii's foodblogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating another Hawaii blog. Its nice being able to read about local stuff from WA state.